About Northgate

Northgate Training Activities is the leading developer of interactive and participative (learning by doing) team games, activities and business simulations. We make it easy for you to put experiential learning into your training courses. Our materials add interest, increase motivation and significantly improve learning outcomes. Established in 1979, we have shipped over 25,000 products to over 60 countries so you can rely on Northgate's tried, tested and trusted products to support your learning initiatives.

We save trainers time and effort by giving you creative and memorable resources that are packed with learning points. Full guidance is provided in the Trainer's Notes for each product on how to run and debrief the activity (no specialist knowledge required), and once purchased you can use and re-use the packs as many times as you like offering excellent value for money. We are fast, friendly and responsive - get in touch today to find out how we can help you!

Experiential learning – or Learning by Doing

Our philosophy is that learning by doing is the best way to learn. Northgate games, activities and business simulations require delegate participation, the vital ingredient for effective learning. As the famous philosopher, Confucius, said:

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

This highly regarded learning method has many advantages because it:

  • engages and motivates participants
  • allows for learning from each other (peer teaching)
  • offers a chance for feedback and reflection
  • encourages the development of workplace skills
  • makes the learning memorable - and fun!

Bespoke design service 

We also offer a bespoke game design service if you are looking for a memorable and effective training tool to address specific training requirements and/or organisation-specific scenarios and culture. If you would like to explore commissioning a bespoke activity please contact us.

You can rely on Northgate and our well-earned reputation in the training market to deliver excellent results for both you and your delegates. Just take a look at our recent customers page to see for yourself who else does! 

The Northgate team work closely together to develop fantastic training games and deliver excellent customer service. If you’d like some advice, please get in touch.

We use 'Antarctic Challenge' to allow course members to experience real issues of strategic planning in some depth, with little prior knowledge of the 'environment'. For the Trainer, the format is flexible and the powerful image of Antarctica creates a memorable connection to the learning.

I. Sasse, E.ON UK

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Meet the team

Mike Lynch


Mike Lynch is the founder of Northgate and chief designer of all Northgate activities. Mike's key role is developing new products and advising trainers on the best product to suit their particular needs. It is the Trainer who is in the firing line and needs to know the activity they are using will deliver their learning objectives and do the job effectively.

Sarah Norris

Customer Support

Sarah is the main contact point for customers who call Northgate Monday to Wednesday. Sarah handles all customer orders and enquiries. She is also in charge of packing products and despatching them across the globe!

Jill Bayley

Operations Director

Jill manages the Northgate team and is in charge of all customer support services and operations. She is also chief editor in the development of new products.

Zoe Lane

Business Development Manager

Zoe oversees Northgate's marketing and business development initiatives and manages the Northgate website. She directs efforts on email marketing, advertising and PR, exhibitions and the annual Northgate Catalogue.

Lynda Goddard

Accounts Manager

Lyn looks after all the accounts and manages the financial transactions of the business.

Jo Salmon

Customer Support

Jo is the main contact point for customers on Thursdays & Fridays. She deals with all incoming customer enquiries and processes orders. Jo also helps Jill in managing and ordering stock.