We have two brand-new exciting and original gamified e-learning products.

As with all Northgate resources, these interactive e-learning modules can be used flexibly: for Users working individually or in small teams of 2-3, as stand-alone training modules or to support face-to-face, classroom-based learning. 

E-learning Module: Resilience at Work 

An excellent introduction to the hot topic of resilience. Users are faced with 20 cards about resilience at work which appear randomly on screen. Users note their responses, including using an interactive notepad to capture their ideas. An on-screen Debrief then reviews the User’s inputs and their work is assessed by an inbuilt scoring system as well as some self-scoring. View our product page here where you can also download a factsheet.

E-learning Module: Leadership in Action

A great test of leadership skills. Users are in charge of a jungle expedition and face 10 challenges. They must decide how to handle each challenge from a given number of options. They are given instant feedback and a score following each decision – and the better their leadership skills, the higher their score! View our product page here where you can also download a factsheet.

More e-learning

We are developing our range of original and dynamic e-learning modules so watch this space for more modules on other topics (including time management, customer service and teamwork).

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