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Boost productivity in your organisation by developing skills with Northgate's interactive training games and activities! Buy once and you can run the activity within your organisation as many times as you like!

  • LeadershipLeadership in Action! assesses a team's leadership skills! Faced with critical challenges during a jungle expedition teams (as leader) must agree a way forward. Can they be decisive and show integrity? Normal price £450. Offer price £225!
  • Teamwork - Teams at Work is a great test of teamwork! Teams have to recover sunken treasure. Success depends entirely on their ability to work as a team. It's a great opportunity to put theory into practice! Normal price £450. Offer price £225!
  • CommunicationCommunication is the Key! highlights the classic challenges of trying to communicate. Each team has separate tasks but they have to share data to succeed. Often at the end of the activity, neither team has a clue what the other was trying to achieve! Normal price £450. Offer price £225!
  • ConferenceSpanish Gold is for up to 10 teams working together to identify the location of a sunken galleon loaded with treasure and bring it to the surface. Stresses the message that staff should not stick in silos at work but need to cooperate and share information. Great fun and ideal for large groups at conferences. Normal price £1,250. Offer price £625!
  • ManagementManaging the Workforce shows the problems of hierarchical structures. Participants work in three teams representing Managers, Supervisors and Production Staff. The task is simple, the deadline adequate but the problems multiply and it all goes terribly wrong! Normal price £395. Offer price £197.50!
  • Meetings - Meetings! Meetings! highlights what is so often wrong with meetings: lack of an agenda, mini-meetings taking place at the table, dominant individuals, too much time spent on minor issues, no chairperson and lots more! Will make delegates think more carefully about their next meeting. Normal price £395. Offer price £197.50!
  • Problem SolvingProblems! Problems! gives each team 10 problems to solve. They can use a variety of approaches from fish-boning and lateral thinking to trial and error. Will they choose the right approach for the right problem? Normal price £395. Offer price £197.50!
  • Business AcumenThe Gym tests teams' ability to make a sports club more productive and profitable. Can they get control of the figures? Do they listen to their customers? Will they see the need for capital investment to grow the business? Normal price £795. Offer price £397.50!

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Offer ends Friday 8 December 2017.

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