Now get out of that!

A few weeks ago we locked 16 delegates into a training room telling them they had just 60 minutes to escape!! They could only get out if they discovered the combination to the lock on the door. Each of four teams had to identify ONE digit and together the four digits (in the right order) opened the lock.

What were we up to?

In fact, we were running Northgate's brand-new training activity The Escape Room which tests teams' ability to work coolly, calmly and together under extreme pressure!  

The ‘locked door’ was really a poster (supplied in the pack) covering the exit – health and safety meant we couldn’t really lock them in!

In just one hour, this exciting and memorable activity delivers great lessons in teamwork, time management, meetings behaviour, problem solving, handling pressure - and lots more! And the central message is that we are all BETTER WORKING TOGETHER! 

At just £395* (for the four team version) and £850* (for the five to ten team version) this product offers excellent value for money as once purchased, you can use The Escape Room again and again with no repeat licence fees (with up to the maximum number of licensed delegates per pack).

For more information, REQUEST A FACTSHEET HERE or you can view our web product pages (click on the products shown at the bottom of this page). Or you can contact us on +44 (0)1225 484990 or email

*Prices exclude delivery & VAT. Delivery charges: UK £15, Europe £29, Rest of World £39.

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