A Leadership & Team Training Activity

Throughout COVID, lots of people have come to the fore and shown what they are made of. Particularly in the NHS and Care Homes but also in many other organisations and businesses. It's been tough. 

People have had to adapt, take on new challenges, be creative and just 'get on with it'.

Northgate's Astronaut Rescue Mission! training activity has been one of our most successful virtual games. Based on NASA's astronaut training programme, it tests the type or resilience and willingness to take the lead that everyone needs. 

It may surprise you who steps up to the mark - and who is a shrinking wallflower. But there are lessons for everyone.

Key Objectives

  • teamwork training
  • identifying leadership opportunities
  • stepping up to the plate
  • team problem-solving
  • decision-making under pressure
  • listening to all views
  • making a plan


Representing astronauts who have baled out of the Space Station due to an emergency, teams have landed in an unknown area on earth. They have a map and need to find a high point from where they can use a satellite phone to call for rescue. Teams must also choose which items they need to spend the night. NASA trainees took too long on this task and failed to show leadership under pressure. Can your teams do better?
Mike Lynch, who developed the activity, writes: “A really great team activity to bring everyone together to solve a joint problem within a tight deadline! Demonstrates the virtues of a pro-active approach. And it’s fun.”

With ten leadership 'trigger' points identified throughout the activity (details provided in the Trainer's Notes), you can observe who steps up at these key moments (or not!) to take the lead and push the team on.

Timimg & delegate numbers

Lasting 1 hour excluding the debrief, this activity can be used with up to 24 participants per training session (up to four teams of 3-6 per team). For larger groups, please contact Northgate for a quote.

  • Save yourself the design time!
  • Use again and again in your courses!
  • Supplied as both a hard copy pack (for face-to-face classrooms) and digitally (for virtual classrooms)
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