Business Simulations for Training & Assessment

Why use a business simulation?
Business simulations allow participants to ‘have a go’ at running a business in a safe environment. They can be quite complex. But Northgate simulations are not at all daunting and are designed for all levels!

They highlight key team skills including:

  • the ability to argue a case
  • the need for consensus decisions
  • the importance of forecasting and planning
  • the analysis of figures and trends
  • coping with the unexpected
  • creative thinking and much, much more.

Importantly, Northgate business simulations are also fun! As such they are a great tool for both training and assessment purposes. 

They often sound complicated BUT…
...don't be put off and don't underestimate your staff. Northgate's simulations focus on getting teams to make decisions and then see the consequences of their decisions.

There are no heavy calculations though teams do need to get control of the figures so they can predict what their results should be. From there they can move on to increasing revenue and profit. They learn from period to period what works and what doesn't. Our simulations also allow them to ‘come back’ from wrong decisions so they can learn from their mistakes without going bust!

A great test of business acumen
It all adds up to a test of whether teams have a business head or if they are swayed with emotion on key decisions. The simulations illustrate how delegates work together as a management team. Can they work comfortably together and compromise – or will they fall apart?

Whatever the case, a Northgate simulation is packed with learning whether they are running a pizza takeaway, a hotel, a sandwich shop or a wine bar! 

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