Crying Out For Leadership? The Expedition - A Teamwork Training Activity

There’s no doubt that the most effective teams invariably have an able leader. Not a bossy boots, but someone who can nurture, motivate, encourage and support.

Here at Northgate we have found that our team activity The Expedition, is not only a great group activity – but it cries out for someone to coordinate the task and monitor progress. As such it’s ideal to evaluate teamwork and leadership skills.

  • Lasts 1.5 hours + debrief
  • Licence (for repeat use) within your organisation
  • Classroom AND virtual versions included
  • Delivered to you digitally via email & as a hard copy
  • Only £395 ex VAT!

The Expedition can be used for face-to-face training and also works really well in a virtual environment with Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. Having individual team members in different locations highlights for example the need for, and facilitates the use of, delegation. And, after working on their own, teams can reconvene to pool ideas and strategy.

In the past we have tended not to nominate a leader but to sit back and see if one emerges. But often, nominating a leader helps develop a member of staff who would not ordinarily volunteer for such a role.

Whatever the case, The Expedition brings to the fore a number of important requirements for any team working on a task. The need to:

  • Set objectives
  • Clarify the task
  • Delegate work
  • Monitor progress
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Establish a coordinator
  • Manage the time available
  • Keep up morale

Great fun and, as with all Northgate activities, guaranteed to get your delegates interacting, developing key skills and learning by doing!

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