FREE VIDEOS to help introduce and debrief Northgate activities!

Today Northgate is launching a brand-new initiative – specially tailored Introductory and Debrief videos that come FREE with three of our bestselling activities.

So, what ARE Introductory and Debrief videos?

They are TWO videos (hot off the press) to help you introduce and debrief an activity. Simply play the Introductory video at the start to brief participants and then move into the activity itself.

When the activity is over, play the Debrief video. Here the presenter covers the main points to bring out in the discussion. Not all Trainers are super confident about the Debrief and these videos take the pressure off. The presenter highlights key learning points and then hands over to you the Trainer to comment on what you observed during the activity and summarise the key points.

Of course, you may not want to use the videos like this – you can instead use them to brief yourself on how to deliver an effective intro and debrief. That’s fine too. And of course, whether you use the videos or not, you still have a Powerpoint and Trainer’s Notes with all the relevant information.

So, if you’re new to training or you haven’t run an activity before or you’re a bit nervous – or even if you are an experienced Trainer and just want something different - these are for you!

The videos are absolutely FREE – no extra charges.

SPECIAL OFFER: as an additional incentive we’re offering a 10% discount on any one (or more) of these three bestsellers each of which from today includes TWO FREE tailored videos:

We hope to add videos to more of our activities – so let us know what you think of the idea. We’re always trying to improve your experience with Northgate.

FREE VIDEOS to help introduce and debrief Northgate activities! image