Has Northgate gone NUTS

All Northgate actvities are great value - and a big help to Trainers to get across key skills, but there is one that in terms of value is totally over the top!

Unbelievably this single pack, ASSESS THAT TEAM!contains FIVE stand-alone TEAM ACTIVITIES that can be used to assess ANY or ALL of the following team competencies making it a must for any Trainer's resource library:

1. Understanding a task2. Communicating well3. Team roles4. Managing time5. Creativity6. Setting clear objectives7. Taking ownership8. Team building9. Working under pressure10. Forward planning11. Delegating tasks12. Identifying leaders13. Interpersonal skills14. Quality work15. Assertiveness

You can use each activity in this FIVE-IN-ONE pack in SHORT 40-MINUTE SESSIONS on any teamwork, leadership, assessment or recruitment programme.

Each powerful activity provides a host of opportunities for participants to demonstrate potential as team members - and leaders. They're highly motivating - and packed with learning points. A word of warning: make sure to leave plenty of time for the Debrief - you won't be able to shut them up!

At just £295 (plus £12 delivery & VAT) for the whole pack of FIVE this offer represents INCREDIBLE VALUE! And to give you even more for your money, we will provide all the participants' briefs on CD - to make it easy to re-print - for all your courses.

YES! This is midsummer madness! HURRY before we change our minds!


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"Very good value!" - J. Campbell, T&D Manager, The National Gallery

"Most enjoyable and instructive." - A. Curtis, Mars GB

"These activities always produce a great response from participants - and they're extremely useful in our assessment sessions." - HR Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

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