Hot training topics of 2016 so far...

**Article updated 22 August 2016 with more of your current HOT TOPICS - see below**

You, our customers across the UK and globally, have spoken! Your choices as to what you most need in your training at the moment are a great indicator as to what the current hot training topics are.

The leading HOT TOPIC so far this year is team collaboration, with many seeking games and activities with a focus on working together as 'one big team'. See our leaderboard below for the other hot topics of 2016 to date. 

Northgate's Hot Topic Leaderboard of 2016

1. Team collaboration*

2. Leadership*

3. Coaching*

4. Emotional intelligence

5. Teamwork assessment

What's YOUR training focus this Autumn?

What are you focusing on this coming Autumn and for 2017? We're always developing new material and we strive to keep up with your requirements, so please let us know what your hottest topics are. 

Click here to send us an email and we'll publish the responses shortly (& anonymously) here, in the News section on our website, so you can see what you and others within the training community are working on.


*You have confirmed to us that team collaboration, leadership and coaching are all topics which you're focusing on at present. In addition the following hot topics have come out of our survey:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Global diversity and inclusion
  • Change management

Please let us know if you have any other hot topics you'd like us to include in the list above. We'd love to hear from you.