It's National Conversation Week 23-29 May 2022!

National Conversation Week takes place from 23-29 May 2022 in the UK.

So, are YOU a  'question asker' or an 'open sharer'?

It can be a bit threatening to be at the mercy of a dedicated 'question asker' - feels like a never-ending interrogation. But it's exhausting to be in the hands of an 'open sharer' (too much information! Give me a break!). As always, we need to avoid extremes and be a bit of both.

At work, asking critical questions to get evidence is a great technique for managers and helps stop assumptions being made. And openly sharing important information is a great silo-buster and can minimise inter-departmental rivalry. Both styles have their place and self-awareness is critical. Are your staff aware of their own communication styles?

Communication is the Key!

Northgate’s bestselling activity Communication is the Key! is a great way to demonstrate the two approaches described above – and to try them out.

Two teams need to give information to each other and to get information from each other. They also need to make good use of emails and organise effective short meetings.

The activity allows for an in-depth look at just how good work communications can be if teams:

  • avoid making assumptions
  • choose the right communications channel
  • prepare for meetings
  • write effective emails
  • give information freely (rather than hoarding it)
  • foster cooperation between ‘departments’

With a 90-minute deadline it’s fast, furious and fun! And it gets across some key lessons experientially – lessons that can be put into practice back at work. It’s all about ‘learning by doing’ – the core at the centre of all Northgate’s training activities.

Make next week the week when you encourage staff to talk to each other and ask questions – but not to overdo either technique!

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