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One thing that good trainers realise is that training is not a one-shot solution. You can’t just tell people how to implement key skills and expect them to be good at them or even try them out. Key points on PowerPoint or video can send even the battle-hardened to sleep, reading management books can have the same effect and some e-learning modules were clearly designed by Morpheus, the God of Sleep.

So, what is the answer?

It used to be called ‘action learning’ or ‘learning by doing’. All it means is getting participants to be involved and engaged by giving them things to do. This allows them to practise whatever skill you are trying to emphasise.

After all you don’t want to be under the knife of a surgeon who’s learnt everything she knows from a book, a computer or a video.

Here are some of the key skills that current managers and employers are looking for:

  • agility
  • resilience
  • communication, communication, communication
  • trust and integrity
  • cooperation

There is little to be gained by simply telling staff about these skills – they need to viscerally experience them through:

  • engagement
  • involvement
  • a shared experience of PRACTICE

Covid has severely curtailed classroom learning where these skills are easily put into action. Now, teams are having to work virtually. In fact, this constraint gives us an opportunity to conduct training in a virtual setting that not only gets key skills across but also enhances staff's ability to work within the virtual environment itself.

Northgate’s latest training activity (which we plan to launch later this week - look out!) has been specially designed for virtual use and developed to focus on how we work in our new world. Teams not only have to work together WITHIN their own breakout rooms but also interact with other teams in other ‘rooms’. Success is only achievable if the teams work as one and cooperate to the full.

Set on the Martian surface, Escape from Mars! is an exciting and dynamic virtual training activity that will weld your teams into highly effective cooperative units capable of taking on not only the little green people of Mars but all the people on Earth too!

For more information call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website. And look out for our product launch in the next few days!

You can also browse our current range of activities suitable for use in virtual classrooms here. And if you're looking for something specific that we don't yet cover, please let us know and we can get working on it for you!

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