New Product Launch: Capture the Flag!

What they heard: Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance!
What they said: Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance!

What's the most common reason for things going wrong at work?

Communication, communication, communication!

You hear a lot of this:
“You weren’t listening!”
“Nobody told me.”
“What? The deadline’s today?”
“Is that part of my job?”

Making sure your organisation has effective communication channels isn’t done in a  day – and there’s no silver bullet. You just have to keep plugging away!

Capture the Flag! is a dynamic REMINDER for all staff of just where we go wrong when communicating and why we need to go right!

  • TWO teams in separate ‘rooms’
  • ONE joint objective. 
  • FIVE-minute meetings at regular intervals.

What could possibly go wrong?

Northgate's BRAND-NEW experiential training activity is an exciting test of communication skills and designed for use in both virtual and face-to-face classrooms. See below for an explanatory video and the Special Launch Price! 

Learning objectives:

  • to practise communication between teams
  • to highlight potential pitfalls
  • to stress the importance of establishing common ground
  • to avoid making assumptions
  • to understand the need to give as well as take
  • to stress the crucial skill of listening

SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE: £299 ex VAT (normal price £350 ex VAT)
Enter discount code CAPTURE at checkout!
Lasts one hour & includes repeat use licence for up to 24 delegates at a time.
Launch price ends 14 May 2021

Here are the contents of the activity:

  • Trainer's Notes (PDF)
  • PowerPoint for introduction & debrief (PPT)
  • Blue Team Brief (PDF)
  • Local Resistance Team Brief (PDF File)
  • Key Points Handout (PDF)

All resources are supplied digitally - so no delivery charges apply! 

For more information view our product webpage below for more information, or contact us via LiveChat and we'll send you a factsheet.