New Product Launch: Escape from Mars!

Our latest activity is focused on collaborative teamwork!

Escape from Mars! is set on the Martian surface. Teams race to find an escape pod, identify the correct entry code, assemble a replacement essential part and solve 10 tasks. The tasks are a mix of problems and challenges to test lateral thinking and agility. Crucially not all the tasks can be completed without information for other teams – but cooperation doesn’t always come easily!

The aim is to weld your teams into highly effective, units capable of working together to take on not only the little green people of Mars, but people on Earth too!

**Special Launch Price: £350 ex VAT! (normal price £395 ex VAT)!**

Enter discount code MARTIAN at checkout! (Launch Price ends 27 November 2020)

Teams not only have to work WITHIN their own team but also BETWEEN the other teams in other ‘rooms’.  Success is only achievable if teams work as ONE big team and cooperate to the full. Great message!

This activity is ready to use - TODAY!

Here are some key objectives:

  • Inter-team collaboration
  • Formulating and delivering a PLAN
  • Testing problem-solving skills
  • Trying out good communications
  • Managing the time available
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Practising remote teamworking

Covid has severely curtailed classroom learning where these skills are more easily practised. But this constraint is an OPPORTUNITY to promote key skills in a virtual setting, and also enhance staff’s ability to work in the virtual environment.

Escape from Mars!

Timing: 1 hour + debrief
Number of delegates: 12-24 (4 teams of 3-6 delegates per team)
Price: £395 ex VAT
Licence: repeat use licence included
Contents: Trainer's Notes, PowerPoint, Team Files x4 (containing Your Brief, Mars Map, 10 Tasks, Transponder Part (one of four essential pieces), Team Answer Form & Team Review Form (PDF & PowerPoint files)

For more information & to order your copy visit the product webpage below or call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website.

New Product Launch: Escape from Mars! image