New Product Launch: Escape from the Labyrinth!

Northgate's BRAND NEW training activity, Escape from the Labyrinth! is an exciting team engagement experience! An activity with some elements of a video game, it's ideal for both face-to-face and virtual classroom use.

Teams are trapped in an underground labyrinth and need to escape. To succeed they must work together as a high performing team. Mistakes can be costly as there are hidden dangers:

  • a monster prowls the tunnels
  • flooding in the tunnels is always a possibility
  • the escape door needs to be located

To escape, teams need to find their way to three themed rooms and solve a variety of problems, testing their logic and lateral thinking skills. Points are allocated along the way. Wrong answers attract the monster!

Key skills required

  • good communications within the team
  • spatial awareness
  • attention to detail
  • effective teamwork
  • resilience (don’t panic!)
  • leadership
  • problem solving/ decision making

Each team has a leader who implements the team decision on which route to take through the labyrinth. He or she also enters the team consensus on the answers to the various problems. A great activity for teambuilding and collaboration. Reveals interesting behaviours, skills and personality traits under pressure. Not for the faint-hearted!!

How long does it last?

Lasting 1 hour excluding the debrief, there are two versions to choose from - one a little more challenging than the other - so you can select accordingly for your audience. Operated via the Northgate Trainerhub, you send team leaders their access codes to enter the labyrinth!

50 game sessions included

25 game sessions for each version (V1 & V2) PLUS two free practice sessions included for you to try out the game before using it with your delegates. The 4-team version can be used with up to 24 delegates per game session, and the 10-team version can be used with up to 60 delegates per game session. (To run with larger groups, please contact us.)

For more information & to order visit the product webpages below or call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website. 

New Product Launch: Escape from the Labyrinth! image