NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Talking to Staff!

Northgate's BRAND NEW training activity, Talking to Staff! is designed to help managers overcome procrastination when faced with having to confront staff. And it comes with an exciting new optional online program!

It's a great fit with National Conversation Week this week, as it is all about having an objective, two-way, professional conversation in order to clear the air and get things done.

We know that managers are often fearful of confronting staff about minor lapses in: 

  • Attitude
  • Behaviour
  • Performance

They are apt to procrastinate which as we know is the thief of time! Time that managers in all their busy days do not have. Talking to Staff! can help!

Our latest activity helps managers:

  • plan for meetings with staff
  • prepare the groundwork
  • implement a professional approach
  • concentrate on the issue, not the person
  • understand what to say and how to say it
  • set a review date as a deadline by which improvement must be made

In less than an hour, managers and team leaders will increase their confidence, self awareness, ability to conduct a short meeting and use of more directed language and tone.

  • No more procrastination!
  • No more sleepless nights!
  • Lots more increase in productivity and morale!


Take advantage of the SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE: £395 EX VAT (until 10 June 2022)! Normal price £450 ex VAT. This includes a five-year repeat use licence (for up to 24 delegates per training session).

For more information & to order visit the product webpage below and you can also email, call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website.