NEW Product Launch: Wiff Waff! Virtual Training Activity

Northgate's new virtual teamwork training activity, Wiff Waff, is specifically designed for use in virtual classrooms. 

  • 45 minutes + debrief
  • Easy to run in a virtual classroom
  • Licence (with repeat use) for 3-24 delegates per session
  • ONLY £250 plus VAT!

What is the activity about?
Wiff Waff is the original name for Ping Pong, or table tennis. In this short sharp teamwork activity participants plan for a table-tennis tournament (including the order of play, costs, entrance fees and advertising copy). 

The activity is based on a set of seven team roles that are considered essential for high-performing teams. The task is designed to bring the key team roles into relief and gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their own contribution to a team. It's ideal for getting teams interacting in a virtual training session!

How easy is it to run in a virtual session?
It's very easy! You can use your preferred virtual training software (eg Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect etc). Here's a step-by-step guide to running a virtual session. 

Step 1: Introduce the activity to the whole group.
Step 2: Allocate participants into virtual teams and put them into breakout rooms.
Step 3: Send the Team Brief (a PDF file) to each individual and allow ten minutes for participants to study it on their own. After ten minutes they can discuss it within their teams.
Step 4: Allow 20-30 minutes for the team task. Observe teams in action and make notes for the debrief in terms of how they worked as a team.
Step 5: After the allotted time stop the teams. Ask for results from each team in terms of answers to the task.
Step 6: Lead a general debrief on how the teams operated and a discussion on team roles.
Step 7: Use the optional PowerPoint (with a 'share screen' function) to describe and review the seven key roles. Use the optional handouts (PDF files) designed to make participants think about their own traits and how they best fit into the key roles required in a team.
Step 8: Consolidate the learning by linking the idea of team roles to the workplace and how improvements might be made in terms of self-awareness, behaviours and attitudes.

Full instructions, debrief notes and worked calculations all supplied in the Trainer's Notes.

For more information & to order your copy visit the product webpage below or call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website.