Tackle Zoom Fatigue: New Virtual Products!

Northgate's LATEST activity developed for virtual use is The Escape Room.

4 and 10 Team versions now available for virtual use! Ideal for getting your teams to work together - even if they are in remote locations - and to experience some teambuilding fun rather than just another meeting!

In this fun and challenging COLLABORATIVE TEAMWORK training activity, teams are locked in a room (in theory!).

They have just 60 minutes to escape!

Can teams work together under time pressure to crack the code and unlock the doors?! 

Learning objectives

  • to test how well teams perform when working under pressure
  • to test teams’ understanding of a complex task
  • to practise organisational and time-management skills
  • to highlight the value of teams interacting and sharing data with other teams (in cooperation, not rivalry)
  • to test teams’ approach to problem-solving (lateral thinking)

Find out more by viewing our product webpages below. 

Repeat use licence

This Northgate training activity is supplied as both a hard copy pack for face-to-face classroom use AND as a set of digital files for virtual classroom use. It comes with a licence for repeat use (with 12 to 24 participants for the 4-team version and 12 to 60 participants for the 10-team version) per training session within your organisation and the activity files can be stored on one device.

We can supply a quote for an extended licence if you wish to make the activity available to multiple trainers and/or use with larger groups.

  • Lasts 1 hour + debrief
  • Easy to run in a virtual or face-to-face classroom
  • Licence (for repeat use) within your organisation
  • Classroom AND virtual versions included
  • Delivered to you digitally via email & as a hard copy
  • Only £395 (4 team) or £850 (10 team) ex VAT and delivery!

For more information & to order your copy visit the product webpage below or call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website.

New Virtual Products: The Escape Room (4 and 10 Team Versions)! image