PRODUCT LAUNCH! The 30-Minute Manager!

The 30-Minute Manager! is Northgate's latest activity. This exciting and interactive resource will improve teams' understanding of the attributes of the perfect manager! Easy-to-use, it's ideal for the start of a 'new managers' training course or as a refresher for existing managers.

Learning Objectives

  • the key attributes of effective managers and supervisors
  • what new managers needs to know about their role
  • to appreciate the concept of the 'whole' manager
  • to reflect on participants’ own strengths and weaknesses
  • to pinpoint areas for performance improvement

How it works

Teams spend 30 minutes working through a set of cards showing positive and negative attributes of a manager.

Ultimately teams draw up a profile of their 'ideal' manager. This gives a touchstone for all new managers as well as being an important refresher for existing managers and team leaders.

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