Northgate's exciting new activity Time Trial! gets across the basics that all staff need. You can also use it to easily assess teams' time management skills.  

It's the start of the week and the General Manager at Cavendish Safari Park has lots to do! 

In just 60 minutes teams must decide how to plan for the week ahead. Should they delegate, hold a meeting, attend an event, or just say "No!"? And they're under pressure as more things hit their desk as the game goes on!

Scored out of 100, teams will find out just how well they can manage their time!


At just £395* this product offers excellent value for money as once purchased, you can use it again and again with no repeat licence fees (with up to the maximum number of licensed delegates per pack).

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*Prices exclude delivery & VAT. Delivery charges: UK £15, Europe £29, Rest of World £39.