Resilience at Work - E-Module for Virtual Training

This engaging, Resilience at Work 25 minute e-learning module is ideal for getting your delegates to think about their own levels of resilience and how to improve them.

The module can be used by delegates working individually or in groups (via virtual classroom software using the share-screen function). 

It gives participants the opportunity to consider what having a positive, resilient mindset really means. It aids their understanding, allows them to look at their own behaviours and helps them to think about effective coping strategies.

Plus you can use it with as many delegates as you like (within your organisation)!

  • 20-30 minutes + debrief
  • Easy to run in a virtual classroom
  • Licenmce for (repeat use) within your organisation
  • Delivered to you digitally via email
  • Only £250 ex VAT

Learning objectives

  • build an understanding of what resilience is all about
  • realise the benefits of developing good resilience skills
  • know the attributes, skills and strategies that improve resilience
  • assess and improve his/her own resilience skills

How does it work?
Delegates work through a series of 20 cards, on-screen. Each card contains a question or statement and there are three different types of card:

  • 10 True/False cards - delegates decide whether the statement on the card is true or false and tick the relevant choice. These are specifically designed to uncover false thinking, challenge stereotypes and establish the main characteristics of the 'resilient worker'.
  • 5 Real Situation cards - these cards include a real situation where resilience is an issue. Delegates note down (on the on-screen notepad) what they think the main issue is and then consider the commentary.
  • 5 Personal cards - these cards ask about personal resilience levels (note: anything input into the program is for delegate eyes only and at the end of the module all input data are deleted).

When all 20 cards have been addressed the delegate(s) continues to a Final Score based on their responses to the True/False cards and the (self-assessed) Real Situation cards. They also receive a breakdown of where the points were gained and a classification. It is the working through this module that is the most important thing, not the final score.

At the end of the module there is:

  • a list of key points
  • an action plan

You can also choose to hold a debrief session in plenary (if you are running it in a group session). The action plan can be completed on-screen and both forms can be printed or saved as PDFs as an aide-memoire for developing and applying a more positive, resilient mindset at work.

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