Ten Top Tips for Running Virtual Training Sessions

Here are ten practical tips to consider before you run a virtual training session, particularly where you are working from home.

#1: Ensure you have as strong an internet connection as possible
Make sure your internet connection is as strong as possible. Ideally hardwire your internet connection and avoid using WIFI. If you cannot avoid using WIFI, try to sit as close as possible to your router.

#2: Familiarise yourself with your chosen communications platform
There are lots to choose from including MS Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Webex, GoTo, Skype & more). Whichever you are working with make sure you are very familiar with your platform. For example, check that you know how to send and retrieve delegates from breakout rooms, and check what communication methods are available to you. Most platforms have chat and messaging functions, as well as the ability to send and receive PDF files. Some have interactive whiteboards available too. All of these details enhance the interactive nature of your training session and the enjoyment of your delegates.

#3: Test your audio & video
Test the audio & video before your training session begins.

#4: Optimise your webcam position
Ensure your webcam is situated at eye level or higher, and make sure that you have enough light on you so that your delegates can see you clearly.

#5: Minimise background noise
Minimise background noise and interruptions wherever possible but if it does happen, go with it! If you are working from home, background noise is inevitable with interruptions from children and pets, including from your delegates, which you can embrace and recognise as a lighter moment during the training session.

#6: Set delegate expectations in terms of course content & duration
Ensure your delegates know how long the training session will last and what the general focus will be.

#7: Ask delegates to keep their cameras on
Unless bandwith is low and it cannot be avoided, ask delegates to keep their cameras on. We are social animals and virtual training sessions throw up a myriad of challenges – one is that it is very difficult to interact as a team with a blank screen!

#8: Start on time
Ideally start the virtual training session a few minutes before your start time and then allow attendees to come into the virtual training room. If your delegates have not used the software before, you may want to allow a little longer to allow for any technical issues to be dealt with (for example getting everyone’s audio & video working).

#9: Practise, Practise, Practise!
Virtual training sessions require even more preparation than normal. Also, if you have not used an interactive activity before, practise having a go with friends, family or fellow trainers before you use it in a live training session.

#10: Send a list of technical requests to delegates in advance
In advance of the training session, send your delegates a bullet point list of expectations and requests. You can include some of the points that apply to you as the trainer too. Here’s the start of a list you might want to send to your delegates.

  • Please ensure your internet connection is as strong as possible; ideally hardwired or sit as close as possible to your router.
  • Please keep your video on at all times – to ensure that everyone feels connected and part of the training session, as in a classroom training environment.
  • Position your webcam so it sits at eye level (where possible).
  • Please mute your audio while in plenary session and unmute it during breakout sessions.
  • Please join the training session five minutes before the scheduled start time, to enable testing of your video and audio, and to facilitate a prompt start.


What are YOUR top tips? Please let us know & we'll add to the list!

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