Virtual Training Activity: Astronaut Rescue Mission

Astronaut Rescue Mission is now available for use in both virtual AND face-to-face classroom settings!

What is the activity about?
Teams represent a group of astronauts on a training mission. They must work together to find out where they are in a remote area on a map (they've just landed back on Earth from the Space Station). They also need to work out what equipment they need to camp overnight.

Will teams get to grips with the situation? Will they get bogged down choosing items from the attractive-looking equipment list?! Or will someone take the lead and push them on to achieve their objective? Time is of the essence so some quick decisions are needed.

As facilitator, you have a list of ten 'leadership trigger points' to watch out for where you can observe who - if anyone - takes the lead at critical points in the activity!

Identify high-performing teams and how emergent leaders contribute to overall success. Ideal for any course on teamwork, leadership or for assessment!

How much does it cost?
£395 ex delivery & VAT (to include both virtual and face-to-face versions) with a repeat use licence for 3-24 delegates per training session for your organisation.

How is it delivered?
The training activity is delivered electronically (via email) and physically (via courier) - for use in both virtual and face-to-face classroom settings.Great value for money! 

How easy is it to run in a virtual session?
It's very easy! You can use your preferred virtual training software (eg Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect etc). Here's a step-by-step guide to running a virtual session. 

Step 1: Introduce the activity to the whole group
Step 2: Send the Team Brief (a PDF file) to participants
Step 3: Split teams into virtual breakout rooms
Step 4: After 15 minutes send each team a Planning Form (a PDF file)
Step 5: Stand by to issue the Map (a PDF file)
Step 6: Observe teams in action by visiting their virtual breakout rooms
Step 7: When teams hand in their Planning Form, issue a Team Review Form (a PDF file)
Step 8: After 60 minutes bring teams out of breakout rooms and lead the debrief.

Full guidance is supplied in the Trainer's Notes.

For more information & to order your copy visit the product webpage below or call +44 (0)1225 484990 or use the LiveChat here on our website.