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How to run a Northgate activity

Northgate training games, training activities and business simulations (or business games) are designed to be user-friendly and easy to run. All our training resources come complete with full Trainer’s Notes. Here are three easy steps on how to run a typical Northgate training activity:

Running An Activity image_1

1. Brief the group

In all Northgate training activities participants are first divided into teams. The Trainer then introduces the session – sometimes with a PowerPoint presentation. Teams are issued with a Brief summarising the particular task and telling teams their role and who they represent.

Running An Activity image_2

2. Observe the action

Once teams begin to work on the task Trainers can observe them and note behaviours, attitudes, how objectives are set, whether a leader emerges, how teams handle conflict, decision-making etc. All good ammunition for the Debrief!

Running An Activity image_3

3. Discuss the learning

The Debrief is an opportunity to listen to teams' experiences during the task, bring out the learning points and consolidate plans for improvement back at work. The Trainer's Notes that accompany each training game or business simulation explain how to handle the debrief process and often the activities contain handouts that structure the Team Review or list the Key Points that should be drawn out and emphasised. The experience of the activity must be related to what happens in the workplace to ensure real improvement.


We have been developing interactive and immersive management training games for over 40 years! We are proud to supply Trainers worldwide with exciting and fun training resources and you can browse our wide range of business training games according to learning toipcs here or use our quick search tool on our homepage here.

We have used 'Eldorado!' in small and large groups at senior and junior level. The learning about the need to work together to achieve a common goal has been fantastic - and we’ve raised loads of money for our Asda Foundation charity!

V. Heyday, ASDA