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There are a number of activities that are specially designed for large numbers, ideal for Conferences and Awaydays. Our conference activities are fun, challenging and stress the point that within an organisation everyone should be working for the common good and helping one another rather than acting as rivals or competitors. There's enough external competition without internal obstructiveness. Some organisations also like to use our business simulations for their Conferences (please view the Business Simulations category for more information).




The activity with the WOW factor and a bestseller! Eldorado! prepares staff to go back to work understanding why a 'silo' mentality is counter-productive and the value of seeing the organisation as ONE BIG TEAM. Ideal conference or away-day activity.

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Spanish Gold!

Spanish Gold


Pirate gold lies hidden in the Spanish Main! Locate and recover it - and it’s yours!

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The Escape Room 10-team version

The Escape Room


In this fun and challenging activity teams are locked in a room (in theory!). The doors are chained shut and there are just 60 minutes to escape! Can teams work together under time pressure to crack the code and unlock the doors?! Great energiser for conferences!

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