Leadership in Action! | Leadership Training Activity

  • Leadership in Action! | Leadership Training Activity

Leadership in Action Map

Test teams' leadership skills with this exciting learning resource. Challenging, enjoyable and instructive.

Learning Objectives

  • To practise leadership skills
  • To take on responsibility for a group
  • To weigh up advantages and downsides of different options
  • To demonstrate effective leadership
  • To assess risk
  • To meet designated objectives

Repeat Use Licence

This Northgate training activity comes with a licence for repeat use with up to 24 participants per training session within your organisation. Please ask for a discount for use with larger groups.

  • Participants

    3-24 (up to four teams of 3-6)

  • Timing

    1.5 hours + debrief

  • Uses a computer?

    Yes - 1 PC & printer required

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The Activity

Teams each represent a Group Leader of a jungle expedition to scale an unconquered peak. During the 16 day trek a subsidiary objective is to collect Bau Bau berries (for use in medicinal research). Inevitably, as the trek proceeds, challenges arise which must be dealt with by the Group Leader (the team).

For each challenge, 11 in total, there are four of five possible responses. The team discuss the options and must reach a consensus decision on which to choose. Using a unique PIN number each team can access the computer program and input their chosen option. The consequences are then printed for the team to take away and digest, along with their current score and the next challenge. Along the way there are a few variations to the format!

Scores are represented on two gauges. One measures the morale of the expeditionary group, the other measures the teams' leadership skills (this score is not absolutely definitive and teams may put a good case for another option - it makes for lively discussion about leadership). Points are also earned by collecting berries from Bau Bau trees. But in the heat of the action it is all too easy for teams to forget - and raises the point about attention to detail!.

At the Debrief the leadership issues raised by the problems are all discussed and scores announced. Key Points Handouts are issued at the end of the session.

Trainer's Role

  • Set up the PC and printer and start the program, ready for use.
  • Divide the group into teams of 3-6, with each team sitting at a separate table.
  • Introduce the activity briefly, explaining the basic mechanics of the session and the timing.
  • Issue Team Briefs and after about 10 minutes print and issue the first challenge to each team.
  • Issue Decision Forms (one for each participant) and a unique PIN number to each team.
  • Observe teams. Listen in to their discussions and note any points you think may be useful to raise later, during the Debrief.
  • Teams share a single laptop/PC to input their decisions and obtain results - and the next problem. They also note their response on the Decision Form.
  • When teams enter their final decisions withhold the print-outs (and answers) until the Debrief is complete.
  • At the end, lead a discussion to consolidate the key lessons that emerged.
  • Finally, announce the scores, discuss any points arising and summarise using the Key Points Handout.
  • Trainer's Notes give full guidance on running a session and leading the Debrief.

Really thoughtful and quite tough, with lots of learning... keep producing such thought-provoking activities!

Keith Posner, Director, Positive Perspective Ltd

Fun, competitive, great team building exercise!

Paresh Vara, Regional Training Manager UK , PPHE Hotel Group

We have used 'Leadership in Action' and found it excellent. It really challenges people and shows the impact of their decisions, plus highlights the need for attention to detail. It's good for bringing a team together and also is very fun to run and be part of. We really do love your products and hope to purchase more.

Rachel Powell & Jenni Brooks, Directors, Enhance & Aspire Ltd

We ran 'Leadership in Action' and it helped all to appreciate the complexities of leadership. Talking through group chosen options enables consequential equal reactions to challenges. Great day, thank you.

Carolyn Sanders, Office Manager, Northamptonshire County Council

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