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Managing People Training Games

Managing People Training Games | Managing People Training Activities

All the management training activities in this section allow participants to practise their skills in dealing with staff. Managing people is a vital part of a manager's role and is not as easy as it sometimes seems!

Wellbeing at Work™ | Wellbeing Training Activity

Wellbeing at Work | Wellbeing Training | Virtual Training Activity


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** Northgate's brand-new pack allows staff to consider the wellbeing in the workplace anew. *This activity is delivered electronically. No delivery charges apply.*

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Accountability & Performance Improvement™ | Training Activity

Accountability & Performance Improvement | Training Activity


High performing teams don’t make it by accident. They know their key result areas, have stringent goals and are willing to take responsibility.

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Difficult Conversations™ | Managing People Training Activity

Difficult Conversations | Managing People Training Activity


A set of essential steps, plus the right approach, makes so-called ‘difficult conversations’ much easier.

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Influencing Others™ | Managing People Training Activity

Influencing Others | Managing People Training Activity


Not just for selling and negotiating. To achieve work objectives, without upsetting everyone(!), we all need basic influencing skills.

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Managing the Workforce™ | Managing People Training Activity

Managing the Workforce | Managing People Training Activity


Mirrors reality when seemingly simple things go wrong. Reveals fundamentals for building an effective workforce.

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The 30 Minute Manager!™ | Managing People Training Activity

The 30 Minute Manager! | Managing People Training Activity


The objective is to stimulate discussion, share ideas and decide what effective management is all about - can teams identify the 30 key skills, attributes and behaviours required of a successful manager?

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The Appraisal Game™ | Appraisals Training Activity

The Appraisal Game | Appraisals Training Activity


Delegates can practise their appraisal skills in a risk-free environment. The Appraisal Game defines 'appraisal', challenges assumptions, establishes basic principles and practices, and puts them to the test. Great introduction. *This activity is delivered electronically.*

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