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Personal Effectiveness Games

Personal Effectiveness Training Games | Personal Effectiveness Training Activities

To be efficient staff and managers need a range of different skills. These personal effectiveness training activities cover a wide range of those important attributes that make the difference between being effective and just being mediocre.

Personal Effectiveness Cards™ | Time Management Training Activity

Personal Effectiveness Cards | Time Management Training Activity


Empower delegates to manage their time 20% more effectively. Raise awareness and transform attitudes.

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The Assertiveness Game™ | Assertiveness Skills Training Activity

The Assertiveness Game | Assertiveness Training Activity


A basic introduction into assertiveness at work. Raises awareness, stimulates discussion and develops confidence.

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Influencing Others™ | Managing People Training Activity

Influencing Others | Managing People Training Activity


Not just for selling and negotiating. To achieve work objectives, without upsetting everyone(!), we all need basic influencing skills.

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Time Trial!™ | Time Management Training Activity

Time Trial! | Time Management InBox Training Activity | Virtual Training Activity


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** ​A short, sharp activity to deliver KEY lessons on organising your time effectively, increasing productivity and improving wellbeing.

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