Eldorado!™ 10-team | Conference Training Activity

The activity with the WOW factor! Eldorado! prepares staff to go back to work understanding why a 'silo' mentality is counter-productive and the value of seeing the organisation as ONE BIG TEAM. Ideal conference or away-day activity.

Learning Objectives

  • Reminds groups to look at the bigger picture – their organisation
  • Highlights the importance of working together in one big team
  • Exposes the abuse of trust, honesty, integrity and ethics
  • Demonstrates the importance of sharing knowledge and information
  • Unifies all participants and creates high energy
  • 6-team version also available here

Repeat Use Licence

This Northgate training activity comes with a licence for repeat use with up to 60 participants per training session within your organisation. Please ask for a discount for use with larger groups.

  • Participants

    24-60 (6-10 teams of 4-6 per team)

  • Timing

    1.5 hours + debrief

  • Uses a computer?

    Not required

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The Activity

The Treasure

First, you’ll need to gather the Treasure of Eldorado. This can be what you choose but participants are normally more than happy to contribute £1 each – some organisations insist on more! The treasure eventually goes to the winner – if there is one. If not, it goes to a charity of the group’s choice.

The Activity

Each team (usually up to 10 teams in one session but can be more) receives a Folder containing a team brief, a riddle, some clues, six tasks and a treasure map. All teams need to do is solve the tasks, locate the position of the treasure on the map and find the right key to open the chest.

What it does

It’s all to do with teamwork versus rivalry. What becomes clear is that most organisations fail to create a truly cooperative atmosphere in which teams can trust each other and function effectively. Instead they create inter-departmental rivalry, suspicion and competition where there is a reluctance to share information and resources and a tendency for departments to win for themselves – even at the expense of the organisation as a whole.

In our experience...

On one occasion seven teams joined together and even though time was running out and the prize was slipping away, they were unable to convince the other three teams to join them and share information. On another occasion, teams were told at the start that the secret of the activity was to cooperate – one team even drew up a protocol for all teams to sign. But lack of trust, an unwillingness to share and more than a dash of competitive spirit spelt disaster! One senior delegate even ate the clue sheet because if she couldn’t win – no-one else would! This is one of our most successful exercises ever. It’s revealing, it’s very easy to use and it can handle large groups of delegates. Try it yourself – and check out the team temperature in your workplace – if you dare!

Includes re-printable originals for using over and over again.

Trainer's Role

  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Issue Team Folders.
  • Stand by with supplies of coloured card, flagpoles, sticky tape & scissors (all provided), to issue to teams as soon as they have solved a riddle.
  • Observe the teams in action and wait for a team or multi-teams to come to you with all the answers.
  • After 90 minutes, stop the activity.
  • Lead a Debrief highlighting the learning points.
  • Full guidance is provided in the Trainer’s Notes.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Team Folders
  • Treasure Maps
  • Clues & Tasks
  • Keys
  • Flag-making Equipment
  • Assessment Forms

We have used 'Eldorado!' in small and large groups at senior and junior level. The learning about the need to work together to achieve a common goal has been fantastic - and we’ve raised loads of money for our Asda Foundation charity!

V. Heyday, ASDA

I use 'Eldorado!' time and time again! A fun exercise which provides serious learning.

L. Wilson, Exxonmobil

We used 'Eldorado!' on a team build event with HR personnel. The best learning points included the fact that they went into competition mode, unwilling to share and communicate information. Excellent fun which ended with a fantastic learning result.

M. McFarlane, West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust

We used 'Eldorado!' on a team building two-day conference with groups of 70 HR staff and managers. The best learning points included: the importance of honesty in dealing with others, communicating clearly, and synergies – can’t do it without the others. Brilliant for offering a creative way for teams/departments to learn important lessons about their own behaviours. I was delighted. Excellent design and materials - I used 'Eldorado!' and would use again... and try out other activities by Northgate.

Catherine Joyce, Consultant, Blue Quay Consulting

'Eldorado!' went really well. The help Mike provided in talking through how to use it with 137 delegates was invaluable, so many thanks Northgate!

Lucy Dinsdale, Senior Talent Manager, L&D Lead, EMIA, AECOM

'Eldorado!' is an excellent game and I hope to use it again. Thank you.

Lisa Barry, Head of Learning & Organisation Development, Cats Protection

In short, it was a triumph! We ran 'Eldorado!' with 180 people on 30 tables in a huge ballroom in Hong Kong. The game brought out everything we wanted to raise – including communication, collaboration and teamwork. It was superb! We have been running corporate events for years and this was by far the best big-team event ever! Thank you for your support, advice and a great game.

Simon Derry, Consultant, Rainmaker Coaching (a brand owned by Re-thinking Ltd)

I’ve used 'Eldorado!' three times now with a fourth booking in place. It works really well every time! I’ve used it with numbers from 25-80 and whilst the larger numbers are better, you still get the learning with the lower numbers as well. It tends to almost debrief itself, as delegates realise their own mistakes as the activity progresses. I’m very pleased with it!

Simon Priestley, Training Consultant

'Eldorado!' worked really well and had a real impact on our 200-delegate audience. Will definitely be coming back to Northgate to support us.

Daniel Garman, Learning & Development Advisor, Leonardo Helicopters

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