Free Training Activity for Learning at Work Week 2024!

Free Training Activity for Learning at Work Week 2024!

We are proud to be a National Activity Partner for Learning at Work Week 13-19 May 2024 and we have developed a new FREE training activity for this year's theme of Learning Power!

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Learning at Work Week 13-19 May 2024

You only have to read the latest news to see how important leadership is - and how often it is woefully lacking.

But all organisations need effective leadership and it’s not difficult to get some basic leadership skills across. One way of doing this effectively is with our new training activity - Team LeaderTeam Leader is a short activity that allows you to see leadership in action and evaluate the effect on a team of different approaches.

What are we looking for in an effective leader? Someone who:

  • understands their Brief
  • is confident and assertive
  • can communicate what needs to be done
  • utilises their team through good delegation
  • motivates their team
  • checks everyone is involved
  • lends a hand and supports their team
  • manages the time available
  • pushes through their vision
  • takes responsibility

In this activity teams have a mission that involves completing three tasks that require a mixture of creativity, numerical skills and fresh ideas. All against a tight deadline.

A nominated leader studies the tasks and briefs the team.

While the team leader is getting to grips with the mission and planning how they will introduce it to their team, teams note on a Handout what they are looking for in an effective leader – what are the key characteristics?  

This Handout is put to one side when the leader arrives to brief the team, but it is reviewed when the activity is over. Did the teams’ expectations match up with what happened in reality?

Self-awareness is critical and this experiential activity ensures that teams see leadership in action and draw critical lessons about how a leader should behave, what makes a difference and what works against effective implementation of tasks. All great news for increased productivity and better performance back in the workplace.

Easy to use and debrief, this activity delivers great outcomes!

Northgate Training Activity: Team Leader

  • Lasts 45 minutes + debrief
  • For any number of delegates (in teams of 5-6)
  • For face-to-face and/or virtual classroom use (supplied digitally)
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What is Learning at Work Week?

Learning at Work Week is an annual event in May organised by the Campaign for Learning. This year it runs from 13-19 May 2024. It aims to highlight the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. Supported by National Activity Partners, you can find lots of information and resources on the Learning at Work Week website including the Ultimate Guide 2024, with information on how to run a great Learning at Work Week in your organisation.

Why use Northgate Training Activities?

"More lightbulb 'on' moments than a Kylie concert!" is the latest review of a Northgate activity (The Escape Room) by Steve Mirfin, Head of Learning & Development & Talent at the UK National Audit Office.

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