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We make it easy for you to get your teams learning by doing!

Meet Mike

Established in 1979 by Mike Lynch, Northgate Training Activities is the leading designer worldwide of original, interactive team training activities and business simulations. 

Mike used to be a trainer and before that, an English teacher, and he didn’t want to talk at people, as he found learning was much more effective and impactful when he got his students or delegates actually doing something.

That was the start of activity-based learning for Northgate and all our activities are now EXPERIENTIAL. Delegates can put your theory into practice and that way the learning sticks.

Emphasis on the learner

Our first-ever activity was on time management. Mike had been lecturing on the topic. Looking out over the sea of faces he could not tell if the pearls of wisdom he was sharing were falling on fertile soil or stony ground. Did they know this stuff already? Were they taking it on board? Was the chap at the back asleep?

Next day he developed a short activity and at the next lecture he split the group into teams and gave them a planning activity. They weren’t very good at it! So now weaknesses could be addressed and fixed and delegates had a reason for listening! The emphasis had moved from the Trainer to the learning. Bingo! We haven’t looked back since.

Supporting L&D professionals worldwide

We now have a library of over 80 different management training activities and business simulations to choose from. We have supplied over 30,000 products to over 60 countries so you can rely on Northgate's trusted products to enhance your training programmes and save you time.

Start building your experiential resource library today and make your courses engaging, interactive and, most importantly, effective!

44 Years Of Training Excellence

We have been developing interactive and immersive management training games for over 40 years! We are proud to supply Trainers worldwide with exciting and fun training resources and you can browse our wide range of business training games according to learning topics here or use our quick search tool on our homepage here.

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