Bespoke Activities

Bespoke Activities

We offer a bespoke game design service if you are looking for an activity to address specific training requirements and/or organisation-specific scenarios and culture. We can also personalise our off-the-shelf activities to incorporate your organisation name and logo.

Bespoke design service

With extensive experience in designing content that works, we will work with you on your bespoke project to produce a memorable and effective training tool to address your specific training requirements.

Some examples of our bespoke projects include:

  • an activity for the defence sector to train workers on nuclear submarines in team decision-making and problem-solving skills;
  • an outdoor team treasure hunt for a large national holiday park resort with a focus on problem-solving skills, leadership and teamwork;
  • a comprehensive training programme for a large supermarket chain on till training and customer service skills;
  • a financial business simulation for an international hotel chain, to train their managers in all aspects of hotel management; and
  • a sales training programme for a national retail chain relating to jewellery sales.

Personalised design service

We offer a service whereby we can incorporate your organisation’s brand and logo onto our off-the-shelf products.

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If you would like to explore a bespoke or personalised activity please contact us on +44(0)1225 484990 or email