The Ultimate Team Challenge

The Ultimate Team Challenge

A key driver in any organisation's success is the resilience of their human resources – their staff.

With a strong, motivated and trustworthy staff, you can work wonders. Sound, effective teamwork has always been the foundation for continued success.

According to Drexler/Sibbet, key issues for any team are:

  • Orientation - what is the team’s purpose?
  • Trust building - developing mutual respect among team members
  • Goal clarification - what are we trying to achieve?
  • Commitment - have we the right people?
  • Implementation - who does what?
  • High performance - ensuring everyone is on-board
  • Renewal - how will we know we’ve succeeded?

These 7 steps are outlined in Drexler & Sibbet’s famous Team Performance Model. The model fits very well with many Northgate activities, particularly Escape Room 2 - Breakout! 

 Escape Room 2 - Breakout! is an escape room activity that requires great teamwork and is packed full of team challenges including:

  • locked boxes containing clues
  • hidden keys
  • codes and ciphers
  • Japanese puzzle boxes
  • the Buzz Wire challenge
  • T-puzzles
  • dice puzzles and lots more...

Teams need to work hard to discover an 8-digit code that leads to their ultimate escape. Engage your teams, give them a fun experience packed with learning. Let them ‘learn by doing’ in an active, hands-on (kinaesthetic!) way, that will show just how important effective teamworking is for great outcomes and increased productivity!

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