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Leadership Training Games

Leadership Training Games | Leadership Training Activities

These leadership training games and leadership training activities explore different aspects of what it means to be a leader. What skills are required? Can anyone be a leader or are leaders born leaders? And what is the difference between leaders and managers?

Introduction to Leadership™ | Leadership Training Activity

Introduction to Leadership | Leadership Training Activity


Quickly gets groups interacting and exploring some basic ideas about leadership, leadership traits and situational leadership. *This activity is supplied digitally via the Northgate Trainerhub. No delivery charges apply.*

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Leadership Style™ | Leadership Training Activity

Leadership Style | Leadership Training Activity


Compare and evaluate four very different styles of leadership with this fun team task.

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Mayhem!™ | Leadership & Collaboration Training Activity

Mayhem! | Leadership & Collaboration Training Activity


Ideal starter activity which identifies those with leadership potential and those who understand the benefits of cooperative working. Great fun! Highly revealing!

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Demonstrating Leadership™ | Leadership Training Activity

Demonstrating Leadership | Leadership Training Activity


A novel team task, a nominated team leader and (hopefully) a willing team. How will they perform? Everyone is under surveillance! Lots to discuss!

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TeamBuild!™ | Fun Teamwork Training Activity

TeamBuild! | Fun Teamwork Training Activity


A fun, problem-solving activity with a construction element. TeamBuild! brings teams together to solve problems and work together for a common goal.

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Leadership Challenge™ | Leadership Training Activity

Leadership Challenge | Leadership Training Activity


Inspire your team to gain top score. Exciting challenge where teams define leadership and put their chosen leaders to the test.

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Leadership in Action!™ | Leadership Training Activity

Leadership in Action! | Leadership Training Activity


Test teams' leadership skills with this interactive learning resource. Challenging, enjoyable and instructive.

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Astronaut Rescue Mission™ | Team & Leadership Training Activity

Astronaut Rescue Mission | Team & Leadership Training Activity | Virtual Training Activity


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** ​​Teams are put in a fast-paced, pressurised situation. Who will emerge to lead? Will they be the right person - and will they be effective?

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Antarctic Challenge™ | Teamwork & Leadership Training Activity

Antarctic Challenge | Teamwork & Leadership Training Activity


In this teamwork & planning training activity (for face-to-face classrooms) teams have to plan a complex project and present their findings in a way that will achieve results. Ideal for developing project planning and teamwork skills. Realistic, motivating, challenging!

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