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Time Management Training

Time Management Training Games | Time Management Training Activities

These time management training games are all about improving performance through being better organised. Today 'burnout' is a huge problem brought about by long hours, constant pressure and stressed lives at home and at work. These time management training activities focus on how staff can gain control of their time and become more effective.

Personal Effectiveness Cards™ | Time Management Training Activity

Personal Effectiveness Cards | Time Management Training Activity


Empower delegates to manage their time 20% more effectively. Raise awareness and transform attitudes.

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Deadline 30 Minutes!™ | Time Management Training Activity

Deadline 30 Minutes! | Time Management Training Activity


This 30 minute activity is an ideal training activity to demonstrate the need for teams to manage their time, be accurate and work together. Great as a starter or icebreaker, or for use as part of a teamwork, time management or communication skills course.

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Set Your Objective!™ | Prioritisation Training Activity

Set Your Objective! | Prioritisation Training Activity


Establish SMART objectives - and put them to the test. Reveals common failings - every time. Great fun!

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Managing Time™ | Time Management Training Activity

Managing Time | Time Management Training Activity


Diary planning, prioritising, delegating and common sense. Can teams score 100%?

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Time Trial!™ | Time Management Training Activity

Time Trial! | Time Management InBox Training Activity | Virtual Training Activity


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** ​A short, sharp activity to deliver KEY lessons on organising your time effectively, increasing productivity and improving wellbeing.

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