Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

No, not the recent Oscar-winning film - just a typical day in the office!

Everything is coming at me (emails, LinkedIn, colleagues, deadlines, the boss). There’s stress everywhere. And it’s happening ALL AT ONCE!! And it’s only Tuesday.


There is of course a solution but, like dieting, it requires a little self-discipline, involving:

  • sitting down and planning
  • getting rid of timewasting people and activities
  • prioritising the workload
  • scheduling daily tasks
  • learning to say No!
  • delegating (if you can)

The skills to do these things are not always inherent in most working people’s DNA. But they can be taught. And the easiest way to teach them is through an experiential activity where teams ‘learn by doing’. And where the Trainer can sit back and relax

In Managing Time (Northgate’s popular time-management training game), each team represents a busy manager. Their task - to plan their time and their delegation, schedule their main tasks, their routine work and diarise important work.

And what do they get out of it? A computer-generated 6-page report analysing their efforts and awarding them an objective score out of 100.

Not scoring over 80 – you need help!

As a Trainer all you do is:

  • introduce the activity
  • issue the Briefs to each team
  • observe teams in action

After 90 minutes, simply feed the teams’ plans into a laptop (easily done) and print their reports and scores. All the analysis is done for you, allowing you to conduct the Debrief to highlight the main learning points – as listed in the Trainer’s Notes.

Result: light bulb moments everywhere, self-awareness all over the place, new-found confidence PLUS improved productivity so that everything is NOT everywhere all at once!

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