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We are proud to be a National Activity Partner for Learning at Work Week 13-19 May 2024 and we have developed a new FREE training activity for this year's theme of Learning Power!

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Unlock Effective Leadership With Our Free Team Leader Training Activity

You only have to read the latest news to see how important leadership is - and how often it is woefully lacking. But all organisations need effective leadership and it’s not difficult to get some basic leadership skills across.

One way of doing this effectively is with our new training activity - Team Leader

Team Leader is a short activity that allows you to see leadership in action and evaluate the effect on a team of different approaches

What are we looking for in an effective leader? Someone who:

  • understands their Brief
  • is confident and assertive
  • can communicate what needs to be done
  • utilises their team through good delegation
  • motivates their team
  • checks everyone is involved
  • lends a hand and supports their team
  • manages the time available
  • pushes through their vision
  • takes responsibility
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The Mission

In this engaging activity, teams tackle a mission packed with three challenges demanding creativity, numerical skills, and innovative thinking—all under a tight deadline.

A selected leader studies and briefs the team on these tasks. Meanwhile, team members jot down the qualities they seek in an effective leader. This list is reviewed post-activity to see if reality met their expectations, fostering self-awareness.

Through hands-on experience, participants learn what leadership traits truly matter for achieving goals and enhancing workplace productivity and performance. Simple to run and debrief, this activity promises impactful results!

Northgate Training Activity: Team Leader

  • Lasts 45 minutes + debrief
  • For any number of delegates (in teams of 5-6)
  • For face-to-face and/or virtual classroom use (supplied digitally)
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