New Product Launch: Fingers On Buzzers! | Icebreaker QUIZ

New Product Launch: Fingers On Buzzers! | Icebreaker QUIZ

It’s not easy being a Trainer! You’re often on your feet a lot; you have to be constantly on the ball and, dare I say it, participants can sometimes be a little tricky!

So it’s nice to have the occasional break. And a great way to do that while still having fun and still being relevant is by using Northgate Training’s latest activity – Fingers on Buzzers!

Three quizzes in one package!!

Use them any time but they are a perfect icebreaker and teambuilder, as well as being useful to round off a course – plus they are great for the half hour after lunch to get those energy levels up again!

All you do is split the group into up to four teams and off you go. Show the questions on screen and let teams buzz in. Each team has its own coloured buzzer with its own sound. Teams score ONE point for a correct answer but can’t afford to be buzzer-happy because they lose TWO points for a wrong answer. So as well as teamwork and creativity, there’s a little bit of risk analysis too.

The first two quizzes are fairly conventional but do include some questions that need a little longer pause for thought than normal. The third quiz is True/False so only the first answer counts.

So if you want to relax from the Training Coal Face, have a well-earned break and give your teams a fun and energising activity for 30 minutes, grab a copy of Fingers on Buzzers! at the introductory price of just £199 ex delivery & VAT (£175 ex VAT without the buzzers), but actually, the buzzers are part of what makes for a great atmosphere.

And if all this has whetted your appetite for quizzes, here’s a question for you. Get it right, for 10% off your next order of two games or more.

If a plant is 30 cm high plus half its height, how high is it?

Confident? Send the answer to and we’ll let you know! What could possibly go wrong?!

To order Fingers on Buzzers! for your teams today, order online or use LiveChat, call us on +44 (0)1225 484990, or email