Puzzle Icebreakers For Your Courses!

Puzzle Icebreakers For Your Courses!

Here at Northgate, we love a puzzle icebreaker activity to get delegates working together and starting to think about teamwork. It's a great way to kick off a course or wake everyone up after lunch!

We add a free puzzle icebreaker to your hub dashboard with every order, and from time-to-time we offer a free activity or other helpful training resource like our range of TrainerBites with helpful hints and tips on a given training topic, so please keep an eye on our ebulletins and the Trainer Forum to keep informed about the next free offer, our latest product releases and more.

And for just £99 ex VAT, you can purchase a digital bundle of 10 Northgate puzzles to use in your training courses. To order a Puzzle Bundle, please email client.support@northgatetraining.co.uk and we can send you an invoice & payment link.

To make sure you're on our mailing list please click here. And if you're on the Trainerhub and don't have access to any puzzles yet  - please let us know and we'll add one to get you started! We can also add free access to our range of TrainerBites for you.

Looking for innovative, interactive training activities or a business simulation for your upcoming courses? 

Get in touch by LiveChat, emailing us at client.support@northgatetraining.co.uk, or on +44 (0)1225 484990 and we'll be happy to advise whether we have anything to suit your learning objectives.