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Reap the benefits of a resilient, positive workforce who thrive even in the most difficult situations.
what resilience in the workplace, and in life generally, is all about
the benefits of developing resilience
the attributes, skills and coping strategies that make up resilience
ways to assess and improve staff resilience
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  • Type Training Activity
  • Timing 30-50 minutes + debrief
  • Use F2F & Virtual
  • Target Audience All Levels
  • Min Participants 3
  • Max Participants* 24
  • *More delegates? Contact Us
  • Computer Required No
  • Printer Required No
  • Supply Format Hard & Digital Copy

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Northgate says...

"A great introduction to the topic, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. Mental health and wellbeing are major workforce issues and it is vital that staff develop a resilient mindset, to overcome challenges and 'low spots'."

  • What resilience in the workplace, and in life generally, is all about
  • The benefits of developing resilience
  • The attributes, skills and coping strategies that make up resilience
  • Ways to assess and improve staff resilience

Ideally suited to:

Any course on resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. Everyone benefits from understanding the concept of resilience and the benefits a resilient outlook can bring - the ability to take things in one's stride, see things in perspective and bounceback - at work and in life in general.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Louise Nicolaou, Owner, The Training Huts Ltd

What I loved about using the cards was the level of discussion it created. And they allowed for laughter to organically develop in a subject that can often feel serious. I ran it over 1-2 hours and as such each team did all of the true/false statements so we had opportunity to discuss as one group and then they randomly picked the round robin and real life cards and discussed accordingly. Thanks again, really good use of the time.

Amy Mellor, Learning Consultant, First Rate Exchange Services Ltd

The 'Resilience' Training Activity has been really popular and always generates a lot of discussion. As a facilitator, I have enjoyed running the activity as it has such clear instructions and meant that I could relax and focus on the people in the room rather than the mechanics of the session. To get the most out of the activity, we run it over approximately two hours, to allow for a discussion afterwards and time for drawing up resilience action plans. We also structure the time carefully so that teams do not spend too much time on each set of cards. We have had two more requests to run this session in the next month.

James Adeleke, CEO, Generation Success

The 'Resilience' Training Activity is fantastic. It makes the subject matter fun, engaging and most importantly actionable for all that took part. I would 100% recommend companies to purchase.

John Cunningham, Director, johnpc ltd

I've used the 'Resilience' Training Activity and it is simple and easy to use and understand, with a professional look. And the online Northgate Trainerhub is very useful.