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Lots of teamwork lessons in Northgate's classic 'planks & oil drums' activity. Competitive activity, perfect for looking at the four stages of team development. Builds in excitement as the session progresses!
To organise a team and plan ahead
To share data
To solve problems together
To work under pressure
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Product details

  • Type Training Activity
  • Timing 1.5 hours + debrief
  • Use Face-to-Face
  • Target Audience All Levels
  • Min Participants 3
  • Max Participants* 24
  • *More delegates? Contact Us
  • Computer Required No
  • Printer Required No
  • Supply Format Hard Copy

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Northgate says...

"Teamwork Challenge is a fun, high-energy exercise - one of the most popular - with great learning outcomes. When teams are in competition with each other, the pressure is on from the start and there's a tendency to rush in. Allowing time for the team to develop and to fully understand the task gets forgotten, errors creep in and valuable time is wasted. Winning teams have a calm, steady approach, constant attention to detail and a strong focus on the task - not on the other teams!"

  • To organise a team and plan ahead
  • To share data
  • To solve problems together
  • To work under pressure
  • The four stages of team development

Ideally suited to:

Any training course where you want to illustrate the way teams develop, from the start of a newly formed group to an energetic, high-performing team.

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