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Apply basic project planning principles to the construction of a log cabin within a tight deadline and within a tight budget!
demonstrates the importance of a critical path
emphasises the need to schedule efficiently
highlights the need to plan for contingencies
covers labour planning and materials ordering
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  • Type Training Activity
  • Timing 1.5 hours + debrief
  • Use F2F & Virtual
  • Target Audience All Levels
  • Min Participants 3
  • Max Participants* 24
  • *More delegates? Contact Us
  • Computer Required Yes (1)
  • Printer Required Optional
  • Supply Format Hard & Digital Copy

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Northgate says...

"All teams must score over 80% to be in with a chance of winning the contract! The new & updated PowerPoint provided makes it easy to debrief in a virtual or face-to-face classroom setting - showing the 'ideal' answer that scores 97%."

  • Demonstrates the importance of a critical path
  • Emphasises the need to schedule efficiently
  • Highlights the need to plan for contingencies
  • Covers labour planning and materials ordering
  • Shows how cashflow is crucial to a project

Ideally suited to:

Any project planning training course where you want your delegates to put theory into practice - in a safe environment!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shirley Gaston, Founding Director, Azesta

I love using the 'Project Planning' training activity on my level 5 Leadership and Management programmes. I use it to put into practice project management tools and techniques and participants find it really good fun. It really brings project management to life. They often get quite carried away with their spreadsheets and cannot wait to find out the results!

Andrew Mardon, Director of Consulting, Kantar Retail Middle East

The 'Project Planning' training activity really highlighted the human instinct to try to complete things as quickly as possible rather than make use of the full time available and deliver a more quality output. The game was very well designed to allow participants to fall naturally into that trap and it prompted some healthy discussions on what they would do differently next time. I liked the competitive nature of it and the comprehensive reports that each team gets. It led to a discussion not just on project planning but also on teamwork. So all in all, great activity that was challenging even for a Senior Group of Managers.

K. White, Blyth Valley Council

Delegates found 'Project Planning' challenging and interesting. The exercise proved very useful and I'm sure we'll be using it again!

L. Taylor, Cundall, Johnston & Partners

The 'Project Planning' session ended with a standing ovation and request for more! Used with design engineers of all levels from graduate to middle management as a stand-alone activity to identify any specific gaps and as reinforcement of existing skills. The best learning points were: start from the end and work back; read all the brief properly; consider all elements rather than concentrate on one; and the importance of team working and utilising all skills. High impact both in the activity itself (the doing) and the review following as knowledge was willingly shared. The feedback from delegates was exceptional – they enjoyed both the actual 'doing themselves' and, as a consequence, felt they got far more out of the review session.

A. Myers, Ashorne Hill Management College

'Project Planning' always gets a good review. It's an excellent, interactive component on the project management course for junior/ middle managers who are new to projects. The best learning point is juggling a range of variables (schedule, budget, resources) simultaneously – key to project management.