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Delegates can practise their appraisal skills in a risk-free environment. The Appraisal Game defines 'appraisal', challenges assumptions, establishes basic principles and practices, and puts them to the test. Great introduction.
the true definition of appraisal
to identify the problems people have with appraisal
the real benefits of appraisal
to understand how an appraisal process should work
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Product details

  • Type Training Activity
  • Timing 2 hours + debrief
  • Use Face-to-Face
  • Target Audience All Levels
  • Min Participants 6
  • Max Participants* 24
  • *More delegates? Contact Us
  • Computer Required No
  • Printer Required No
  • Supply Format Digital Copy

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Northgate says...

"The very term 'Appraisal' is a barrier for some who see it as a time when their faults are examined, their work criticised and tough objectives set. A good manager is aware of this, knows how to prepare for and conduct 'review' meetings in a professional and constructive manner, with SMART objective-setting for the future."

  • The true definition of appraisal
  • To identify the problems people have with appraisal
  • The real benefits of appraisal
  • To understand how an appraisal process should work
  • The importance of preparation - for both parties
  • How to conduct an appraisal interview
  • The concept of “critical incidents”

Ideally suited to:

Any training course on how to conduct performance appraisals where you are looking for an activity to get your delegates learning by doing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Larmour, Director, Northstar Leadership Training

'The Appraisal Game' is a game changer in delivering appraisal training. As the trainer you made me really enjoy delivering appraisal training, 3 1/2 hours flew bye with it. As for the trainees who have just taken part in it, they absolutely loved it and every candidate has said how much they loved the interactive style of the learning and how much fun they had with it. So thank you so much for this!

Stephen Sharkey, HR Manager, Mathmos Ltd

I used 'The Appraisal Game' in training sessions with staff in groups of 10, where the objective was to understand the purpose and process of an appraisal, and to practise holding an appraisal interview. The learning outcomes were that the experience should be 'positive'; realisation that it is a two-way process; and that preparation is absolutely essential. One role play was so bad that it highlighted all the things not to do! One was excellent. The group being active the whole time went down well – they enjoyed it and didn’t get bored. All learnt from each other. It actually helped the managers with their own team building! 'The Appraisal Game' is a good training exercise - participants felt they had learned a lot and have produced some good appraisals.

Alan Shaw, Senior Trainer, Carshaw Consultants

My overall impression about 'The Appraisal Game' is that it is brilliant! I used it with supervisors and middle managers, who are expected to carry out “supervision” sessions with their staff. It helped participants understand what appraisal is about and how to properly run an appraisal. What makes it brilliant for me is that it can be used flexibly and different parts can be combined depending on what trainees need. Also, it fits beautifully with other development training such as feedback, assertiveness and reaching agreement. This is the best training activity about appraisals that I’ve seen.

Patsy McGill, People Development, National Express

Fun, interactive, thought-provoking - I used 'The Appraisal Game' in teamwork, training & building with Contact Centre Team Managers. One Team Manager began to realise that her style was quite aggressive and it allowed others to say so in a non-confrontational way. We are now using this activity with all of our CL Advisors on their 'Have Your Say Day'.