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Business Simulations | Business Games | Business Training Games

Our business simulations (some call them business games or business training games) give delegates an opportunity to make real business decisions in a safe, risk-free environment, see the impact of changing variables and learn immediately from costly mistakes. Ideal for a half or full day's training and popular for Conferences and Awaydays. Great for teamwork and decision-making too! Thoroughly motivating!

Key lessons of business simulations:

  • Teams need to set a strategy for their business - but will they stick to it or be blown off course by changing circumstances?
  • Decisions are required on staffing, pricing, marketing and investment - but costs need to be covered by sales revenue. Can teams get control of the figures?
  • Making business decisions is not easy. Diversify or stick to the core business? Expand or stay safe? Will all team members agree on the best way forward?

Businesses depend on people. Teams need to analyse the data, resolve conflicts, reach agreement and be committed to the business - and each other!

If you'd like to learn more about how Northgate business simulations work and what differentiates one from another please contact us and we'll be happy to talk you through how they work. Here is our current range:

The Sandwich Shop™ | Business Simulation

The Sandwich Shop | Business Simulation


Compete against up to three playing teams and one virtual team to run a simple business and make the most profit.

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Winning Strategies™ | Business Case Study

Winning Strategies | Business Simulation


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** In this business game, teams conduct a SWOT analysis on company data to see what’s wrong at WaveRiders. Then select a strategy for success. Ideal for developing business skills (PC not required). *This activity is supplied digitally via the Northgate Trainerhub. No delivery charges apply.*

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The Wine Bar Game™ | Business Simulation

The Wine Bar Game  | Business Simulation


Which team can best establish a brand new wine bar? All the basic business principles affect the bottom line. Suitable for all levels.

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Going for Profit!™ | Business Simulation

Going for Profit! | Business Simulation | Virtual Training Activity


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** ​Straightforward, interactive simulation with basic P&L output. Use to introduce basic business skills and assess business acumen.

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Hotel™ | Business Simulation

Hotel | Business Simulation


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** So you think you can run a successful hotel business? Unless you’re business savvy and know your market you could be in for a shock.

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Robot™ | Business Simulation

Robot | Business Simulation


**FOR USE IN VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING SESSIONS** Set in the manufacturing sector this business simulation is about growth - by investing in new markets across the globe. Get the business model right and the world is your oyster, but the competition in the field of robotics is tough!

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